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Paint Brands - Read About Every Paint Brand Here

When it comes to paint brands, you always certainly want the best, right? After all, we as consumers only care about customer satisfaction. And in this case, our satisfaction lies upon the quality of the colors in which the paint brand brings.

Therefore, our website has compiled a useful list of paint brand from all over the world, especially for you guys who come from Australia, United States (US), Canada and United Kingdom (UK).

Ace Royal


Ever wonder why the Behr brand is so famous? Because it's chosen by Consumer Reports as the best rated interior paint. They also have a very large range of color palettes. But, there is only one problem. You might find their color palettes dull.

Benjamin Moore

Somehow, consumers and painters seem to favor the Benjamin Moore brand. It pays to have people talking about you, doesn't it? Especially in the paint industry.

C2 Paints


Cath Kidston


Christopher Lowwell's Designer Paints


Devine Color


Donald Kaufman


Dutch Boy


Fuller O'Brien Paint


Heritage Village Colors


Kelly Hoppen


Kilz Casual Colors




Pittsburgh Paint


Pratt & Lambert


Ralph Lauren

Perhaps Ralph Lauren is more famous for their worldwide perfume RL series. But they are a household name in the painting industry too.

Sherwin Williams

Did you know that a lot of professional painters and painting companies tend to use Sherwin Williams? This is because they have good customer service, especially with their physical paint stores that can be found almost everywhere. It is heard that they give good painting advice too.

But realize that their paint per gallon is much more than other brands, as much as $10 more. This is why only the professionals tend to use them.

Susan Sargent



This is second best paint brand (according to rating). Valspar comes close to Behr. But according to consumers, they find Valspar paint to be a little thin. However, this depends on which series of paint you choose. You would fare better if you choose their higher ranged paint, albeit more expensive.